Giving is about more than money, it reveals our heart.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Luke 12:34

God doesn’t need our money, but He does desire our heart.  Our attitude regarding our treasure reveals who or what we are trusting in.  When we hold tightly to our possessions we’re saying that they are ours and we must protect them.  We’re trusting ourselves and our ability to provide and protect what we have.

If we’re trusting God, we live with open hands knowing God is the source and provider of all that we need.  Giving is our response of trust and gratitude saying that God is bigger and more important to us than anything else.  This attitude is the heart of worship.

In addition to being an act of worship, when you give to God through Joy Community Fellowship you help support the work God is doing in and through us.  We take great care in ensuring we are open and honest with our finances as good stewards of all God has given us.

Guidelines for Giving as Worship

Give Thankfully

Our giving is not about obligation or even to earn favor with God.  In our giving we are responding in thanks for all that He has given us.  In our thankfulness we recognize and focus on what He’s given rather than what we’re losing or giving up.  The truth is that in and of ourselves we can earn or deserve anything apart from God and this attitude will enhance our giving.

Give Obediently

Obedience shows our submission to God and His word.  It says “God, what would you have me do?”  It looks to God.  Obedience takes God simply at His word and follows.  Obedience can’t be our only motivation, but when born out of humble thanks it willingly gives without hesitation.

Give Sacrificially

Our worship of giving is more meaningful when what we give is most meaningful to us.  Sometimes we can get so mechanical with our giving that it means nothing to us – it’s just an act or obligation.  Our giving should cost us something, whether time and energy as in service or giving financially even when times are tight.

Give Purposefully

In giving to Joy Community Fellowship, you are supporting and recognizing that God is leading us.  God uses your gifts to help us in our mission to make disciples and share Jesus with our community.  Giving says, “I’m on board with what God is doing and going to do here.” 

Give Joyfully

The goal of giving as worship is great joy.  This can’t be conjured up or faked, this cheerful giving is a natural overflow of our growing relationship with God.  In fact, look back at our guidelines, our attitudes in giving build to this. 

In giving we begin responding in thanks to all God gives and provides, leading to simple obedience that counts the cost and still sacrifices because in giving right where we are assures we see God working which produces great joy.