Message: “Displaying God’s Glory” from Mark Savidge

Mark Savidge - November 12, 2023

Displaying God's Glory

Jesus illustrates what it means to be the Light of the World by healing a man born blind and displaying God's glory not only in this man but also through him.

Scripture References: John 9:1-41

From Series: "The Gospel of John: Believe"

Join us as we take a journey through the Gospel of John.   It’s been said of John’s Gospel that it is like a pool where a child can wade in and an elephant can swim.  It’s both simple and deep.  It differs from the other Gospels in that it emphasizes “Who Jesus is” over “What He does.”  John does this so we may believe that this Jesus truly is God in the flesh, the Promised Messiah who alone is the “Way, Truth and Life.”

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