Message: “No Way Out” from Mark Savidge

Mark Savidge - September 15, 2019

No Way Out

We continue our journey through the Book of Romans as Paul concludes the bad news about sin by explaining just how bad our sin problem really is.

Scripture References: Romans 3:9-20

From Series: "Romans: Unleashed"

Romans has been called by many the greatest letter ever written. But in it we discover some really bad news. Because of our own sin we’re more lost and in need of salvation than we may think we are. However there’s also really good news. God loves us more than we can possibly imagine and because we can’t save ourselves, He accomplishes salvation for us through Jesus and when we receive it through living faith our lives are marked by sacrifice, service and healthy relationships with each other and our world. As God’s salvation is unleashed in us, the good news is unleashed through us as we live out our lives.

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